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Playing for Fun

A "Play for Fun" option has been provided for those who wish to practice their gambling skills without risking money. Also, if you are under the age of 18 (as determined by your registration information), you will not be allowed to play World Charity Casino for real money. However, you may still Play For Fun. In this mode you must deposit virtual money into your Play for Fun account and buy V-Chips but no real money exchanges hands.

The First Time you Play For Fun!

So you're here for the first time and you want to play World Charity Casino but you're not sure how to begin. The first thing to do is relax and we will take you step by step through the rest. Let us assume for the moment that you have a username and a password and you're successfully logged into Play For Fun World Charity Casino. Take a moment and look at the left bottom corner of the screen. You will see a message: Chips $0.00. This is what we have to change. Since you have no chips, and you cannot play without them, our goal is make sure you get some chips for free!

Step1: Deposit Virtual Money

Hit the "Money" button on the left menu bar and you will find yourself facing what looks like a conventional ATM teller. Our objective here is to deposit "play" money into our EFS account. So just hit the right "B" button "DEPOSIT" where you will see a new EFS DEPOSIT screen and an empty field titled "Amount (USD)". Click into this empty field, type 500, then click the "Submit" button.

Step 2: Buy Virtual Chips (V-Chips)

After you deposit virtual money for the first time you will find a message on the ATM machine that reads: "Please enter the amount of V-Chips you wish to buy:" Simply type in the cash amount of V-Chips that you need and hit the "D" button "ENTER". The final step is to hit the "EXIT ATM" button, return to the casino and start playing. 

Play for Fun

Playing for fun means that the real money aspect of World Charity Casino will be left out. Once you have logged on and entered your Username and Password, you can begin playing for fun. The first step is to enter the money section , click the "DEPOSIT" button and deposit funds (up to $500 at a time) into your account. Obviously, the funds are not real and no verification is needed. The second step, after depositing "play for fun" funds is to purchase V-Chips. Hit the "V-CHIP ACCOUNT" button then the "BUY V-CHIPS" button and buy as many V-Chips as you wish, depending, of course, on the amount of money in your account. Simply type in the cash amount of V-Chips that you need and hit the "D" button "ENTER". Once you have your V-Chips you can start playing. Feel free, at any point in time, to enter more "play for fun" funds into your account and buy more V-Chips. This service costs you nothing and is provided solely for your entertainment. 

To exit the ATM machine and return to the casino floor, click the "D" button "EXIT ATM".